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Frequently Asked Questions

Why reprogram the ECU?
Reprogram the controller offers multiple benefits: increasing the torque and power of the car, improves elasticity of the engine, acceleration, resumption, fluidity and pleasure of driving; it reduces fuel consumption and allows you to exploit the real potential of your car.

The car's reliability is compromised?
Our optimizations are the result of several studies on inertial dyno 4x4 braked and programs are then tested on the road in order to verify their reliability. All the parameters of mechanical strength reported by their parent companies are so respected in order not to compromise in any way the safety of the vehicle.

How is the ECU reprogrammed?
The installation of new software is a purely computer where all the electronic components are original. Using communication protocols specific to each car model, we are able to pass modification through the diagnostic port without removing the unit.

When I change the controller?
There is no time nor accurate optimum. Advise after 2000 km on new cars, about the period to know the car performance and then to be able to better appreciate the optimization of control. In case of cars with high mileage there are not contraindications in making modification, but the engine has to be in good condition and have been complied with normal periodic maintenance.

How reduce fuel consumption?
Maintaining a moderate driving style and engine systems using the medium to low, the fuel consumption are greatly reduced (up 20%) due to higher torque achieved at a lower engine speed than the original.

Changing the unit could cause a malfunction of the particulate filter (FAP)?
In our own research and development center we have designed a specific engine software for vehicles equipped with particulate filter and we can confirm that after our intervention, the features of FAP remains unchanged and periodic regenerations are performed regularly.

What do I do in the dealership?
You can take the car at any dealership because our optimizations are compatible with all diagnostic equipment used during coupons and reviews.

If I sell the car, can I restore the original software?
Yes, you can restore the original software at any time at no cost and without a trace of the change.

How can I make an appointment?
Filling up the form in the sheet on your car or call the closer office. Please contact us at least 2 days before the desired date.